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A person that you have sex with just once.

"We didn't date, he was just a trick."
by Tomahhtoe March 18, 2009
To give or get less than what is due.
The cheese steak was good, but they weezed on the fries.
by Tomahhtoe May 14, 2009
The modern term for goth. Basically white kids from upper middle class homes that like to dress like vampires and act depressed. The male emos are usually closeted drag queens that want to wear makeup without being called "fags."
Father-"Damn, those kids are really goth."

Son-"Dad! It's not goth anymore. It's called emo now! Duh!"
by Tomahhtoe November 23, 2009
Whatever sexual thoughts a guy is having when he is masturbating.
"Damn she's hot. I gotta put her in my spank tank."
by Tomahhtoe July 20, 2009
Gay slang for an obese person. It's usually only used by gay men when referring to other gay men.
He asked me out but I declined. I'm not into chubs.
by Tomahhtoe April 30, 2009
A derogatory word used in customer service positions to describe difficult black customers. Similar to, "shine."
"How was work today honey?"

"It was okay untill these hemorrhoids came in at the last minute and tried to haggle the prices way down."
by Tomahhtoe August 15, 2009

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