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An overated MP3 player with gimmicky features like an accelerometer and a hard drive that to fill LEGALLY at £0.79 a song would leave on hell of a dent in your wallet.
everyone who has posted calling this a lie has donwloaded all of thier songs ILLEGALY then put on itunes.
Key word, ILLEGALY.
then you get people with 120gb ipod that never listen to half the songs on there because they fill it with songs that they dont even like. and then for some reason having no room left becomes somethign to brag about

oh yeah, and dont try to put the music off one ipod onto another pc.
Apple says thats not allowed, so cant be done without technically voiding the warranty
1: lolz, i gots ma 120g ipod and i only have 10g left
2: ha you suxx, i has only 1g left
3: i have a 16g walkman, full of music I ACTUALLY LISTEN TO
by TomWantsRez July 14, 2009
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