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34 definitions by TomKVideo


To fuck a loose bitch so hard that your balls hurt and may get caught in the vagina of the lucky lady.
Alison and Ben went off somewhere. Ten bucks says he's trying to bury the potato.
by TomKVideo December 07, 2008
3 2

When in the bed room -- the man parts the legs of the woman to prepare for fornication in an epic fashion.
And Jerry did Red Sea that skank -- and it was good.
by TomKVideo December 07, 2008
10 9
Black with a rack.
Holy shit. B.W.A.R. -- 5 o'clock.
by TomKVideo January 29, 2009
0 0
Verb: To look for pussy.

To be used prior to "nice shoes"
We need to go shoe shopping at the bar.
by TomKVideo December 09, 2008
8 11
Man code for "I'm going to fuck that guys girlfriend real quick."
"Im going to the bathroom real quick."
by TomKVideo December 29, 2008
11 18
A sexual position, in which the male stands atop a dresser or some piece of furniture as a wrestler would perch hisself on a turn buckle.

Then, while fully erect -- he frog splashes in and onto the woman.
Lianne wanted something new in the bedroom. So I gave her the Bomb Fuck.
by TomKVideo December 28, 2008
2 18