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34 definitions by TomKVideo

When a chick is fucking a cop.
"Amanda left work early, but didn't go straight home. She met up with Officer Freytek for her weekly bacon ride-along."
by TomKVideo August 27, 2009
When a person is so fucked over, thrown under the bus extremely hard, or emotionally drained in a fierce fashion that requires transcendence.
Guy 1: "Jeff got drunk at the party, puked on the foreign girl, passed out, and those skater kids drew a dick on the siding outside of his house."

Guy 2: "Beyondshafted."
by TomKVideo January 03, 2009
A dude who likes to whack it off to the really obscure shit in private.
So, according to Phil's internet history, he was looking for Jane Jetson, nipple-less girls, and salmon. All in the same 4 minutes. Freakjacker.
by TomKVideo April 14, 2010
50% Feminists. 50% Sex Freaks.
So I met this hipster chick at the bar last night. She was blowing me off until I brought up Passion Pit and The National. Then she was just blowing me.
by TomKVideo September 29, 2009
A term in a first-person shooter, when you suprise someone from around the corner and lay into them with a shotgun at point bank range.
"Hi, good morning. See that helmet with brains in it? I musketfucked Chris like 30 seconds ago."
by TomKVideo February 17, 2009
A cool way to call bullshit.
"Did you see that!? I was just mashing buttons and killed your whole team! Chaos Theory, trick!"
by TomKVideo February 17, 2009

To "Wal-Mart" a bitch. When a man rushes in, fucks with the bike section, and gets out.
Guy 1: That chick needs a limp in her step.

Guy 2: I would so Wal-Mart that bitch.

Guy 1: Wreck that bike section.
by TomKVideo December 07, 2008