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a great hackerspace in Vienna.
Did you hear they have a lazzzor now at metalab?
by TomK32 August 27, 2009
Electrobabe is a hot geek chick, always wearing a flat cap to hide her high forehead. An Electrobabe is mostly driven by beer.

A specialty of Electrobabe is that she can turn into any kind of hot babe.
Oh that's actually Electrobabe
by TomK32 June 29, 2010
Any good music festival has a clear "no metal" guideline preventing badly dressed, long haired freaks who wear a 1998 Metallica shirt and black leather pants to come to the festival.
Jake: Hey Tom, how was the Sziget festival this year?
Tom: Awesome, they had cheap beer and no metal.
by TomK32 September 07, 2009

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