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The name of the coolest DJ this side of ... everything. Worshipper of Gazza T, and the winner of 'Milchmann Of The Year' Award.
Lets go to this house. There is a party being hosted by MCHayzelB. She DJs. Look - There is her mate Gazza T. And there - in the cabinet - is her Milchmann Of The Year award.
by TomG April 29, 2004
A person(s) who drink beer with a wrench, think negative notch or positive notch should be standard pratice in junior high. Also believes faithfully in no shoes or socks gives a better balance, when deciding which snail to put on.

See also: Toon(er), Tuner, Pose(r), Faster not furious, and Turbo squeeze.
He is like No shoes.
It could be No shoes.
Maybe No shoes uses boots.
Perhaps No shoes would like some tea.
by TomG December 15, 2003
Chai - the speaker and gteacher of Tagalog. Mazin fun - ja? Ja!!! Tschuss!!
"Hey! Look over there! It's Chai! Teach us some Taglog, Chai! *Smiles sweetly*"
by TomG April 28, 2004

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