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An operation carried out in major UK supermarket chain, Tesco. All staff, from managers to checkout staff skip from aisle to aisle bringing products forward on the shelves, lining them up and making them look pretty for customers.
Customer: Excuse me, where are the baked beans?
Manager: Errm, can you not see I'm mid rumble?
Customer: *thinking* ASDA next time...sheesh!
by Tom5640 April 18, 2007
A internal term used in large UK supermarket chain, Tesco. It is the process for communicating information each week about the company and new products. Managers within tesco have team5 throughout the day to analyse sales, discuss one in front patterns and tell each other what they'll do tomorrow. More menial staff will need to read a sheet called "team 5" every week, which updates them on company information and initiatives.
Cashier: I put through a whole pile of Sainsbury's vouchers and I ended up paying out of the till for the customer to take the stuff away!

Team Leader: For god's sake, did you not read your team 5? We don't accept Sainsbury's vouchers anymore!
by Tom5640 April 18, 2007
Tesco's own brand range of high quality products. The best line of their own brand food and homewares. Commonly shown as "Finest*". The quality is higher than that of Tesco standard or Tesco Value.
Friend: So what are we having for dinner tonight, Tesco Value Garlic Bread?

Me: No, of course not, I bought finest* just for you! And as for garlic bread, it's the future.
by Tom5640 April 18, 2007
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