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When one is browsing content, often online or flicking channels on TV, with no intention of fapping either then or later, but are forced to or reminded to fap upon seeing something. That thing is a fap trap.
Bro 1: "Dude I wasn't even gonna fap tonight but then I was flicking music channels and the video for Call on Me by Eric Prydz came on and I couldn't not afterwards."
Bro 2: "Yeah that video is such a fap trap"
by Tom3457mofo April 19, 2013
mangoes that are sold in roadside stalls off the side of a highway in the country where the young girl helping daddy sell them is certain to be raped that night
Bro in shotgun: hey lets stop to get those mangoes
Bro driving: nah they are rape mangoes and I will not fund rape
by Tom3457mofo April 11, 2011
Where a group of people decide to have a prolonged, often humorous conversation on Facebook, but conduct it in the comments of a random person's status update. The amusement and general lack of regard for others is behavior synonymous with parties, as is the person deleting their update and thus shutting down the wall party. This works best when there is a mutual Facebook friend, but not an actual friend in the group.
by Tom3457mofo July 23, 2012
A verb that describes the act of lowering one's expectations for something in order to prevent against the disappointment of them not being met. It is derived from the popular TV sitcom of the same name (Becker) in which the titular character played by Ted Danson lived by a mantra of "no expectations, no disappointment." He would repeat that phrase to anyone who was attempting to get him to be more optimistic about something or just life in general, which was against his nature. He would also use the phrase to remind himself to lower his expectations when they were high.
Greg: Hey Luke tell Tom what happened to you last night
Luke: Ok
Greg: Tom this is the best story you will ever hear man.
Luke: Whoa, Becker your expectations a bit, it's not that good.
Tom: Beckered.
by Tom3457mofo April 28, 2014
Where one or more guys decide to rape a guy to prevent them telling others about events that preceded it. Doing this is statistically sound as the overwhelming majority of rapes are unreported, thus in efforts to internalize the trauma of the rape, he will also internalize the damaging information he learned prior to the rape.
After Kyle witnessed Jim and Bill make an awkward high five where the hands never quite match and no cupping sound is heard, Jim and Bill decided that Kyle was likely to tell people about this embarrassing event and thus they had to engage in a tactical rape to keep Kyle quiet and keep their status as cool kids.
by Tom3457mofo July 23, 2012

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