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A grossly misunderstood american martal art when well enough learnt can send any punk ass bitch twice the size and age of you to the ground

presumed by many to be a kicking form of boxing and only to consist of kicking

wrong! kickboxing is a combination of kicking and boxing thus "kickboxing"

kickboxing consists of both punches kicks blocks grabs etc etc etc
Big assed 30 yr old trying to mug me: hey you midget fucking move and ill kick your ass now gimme your wallet

me: fuck you fatty

big ass: *tries to kick me*

me: *grabs his ankle twists it till it breaks then sends a knockout punch to one of his temples

big ass: *unconsious*

me: *takes his wallet as payment for him trying to mug me*
by Tom routh April 01, 2004

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