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A female whose nipple has become elongated making her breasts look like a birdie from badminton.
I was sexing this girl up and she bust out her tits and I was like 'nah-get away slipple tits' and then I found 20 bucks.
by Tom de Wolffe December 31, 2008
A noise/cancer research music duo formed in may of 2008. The music is taking organized noise fans by storm, particularly in the new york city area (the bands original 'stan')

Tom de Wolffe: Hey Nik, have you heard this new band White Boys? They mix dope 'beats' and their url is www.myspace.com/whiteboysnyc.
Nik Zubin: Of course I've heard of them, I represent the rascals! Here, have my business card, it's made up of 100% murrth.
by Tom de Wolffe March 12, 2009
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