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to receive oral gratification from two people, each sucking on one testacle in a vacuous manner.
Peter North received a glorious zagnut from both Tera Patrick and Gina Lynn.
by Tom Zappacosta September 22, 2003
adj.: far worse than bad; far worse than wrong.
Killing people is badwrong.
by Tom Zappacosta September 22, 2003
1. n. (slang) Bukkake. 2. n. (slang) The act of covering a woman entirely with seminal fluid. (abbr.: Frosty)
The fraternity completed Jan's Frosty the Snowman by placing a black silk hat on her head and sticking a corncob pipe in her mouth.
by Tom Zappacosta December 17, 2003
n. (slang) - 1) a penis that continues to point downward when erect or 2) a penis that starts downward at the base and curves back up when erect
Ken's Droopy really freaked his girlfriend out at first but it hit all the right spots in the end.
by Tom Zappacosta September 29, 2003
adj. - describing any person, place or thing contributing to pleasurable and vigorous masturbatory experience.
I had a whacktacular weekend perusing volumes of electronic and paperback pornography!
by Tom Zappacosta September 27, 2003
adj. (slang) - in reference to one's sexual performance whereby one partner feels guilty and goes at it sluggishly and sloppily as if to say "don't worry about me..."
"I don't know about Gary...he was quite Eeyorish last night in the sack...I think he's seeing someone else."
by Tom Zappacosta September 29, 2003
1. n. (slang) - an albino woman's pubic region.
While her white box was visually unnerving to begin with, Leonard overcame his fear by pretending he was fucking a white tiger.
by Tom Zappacosta October 08, 2003
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