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Come's from the Geek Legend "Podgimus Maximus" Hense the word "Podge" meaning legend, cool, basically a Idol for normal people
Gee Dave, i wish i was as cool as "Podge"
Can i have yor autograph "Podge"
by Tom Wingham July 12, 2004
Raped......Basically meaning you got fucked without wanting it putting it blunty!!!!

Also it can mean you have really been beaten down e.g losing a footy "Man, you just got raped" Or Losing poorly at a game etc "Dude...you just got raped by that guy!"
"O man.....That guy just raped that little girl...Stuck his P3n1s up her"

"Dude...you just got raped big time by 4 guys"
by Tom Wingham October 28, 2004
"qwertyuiop" First line of keyboard!!
"qwertyuiop" If your friend had changed your password, it will polly be that...
Hehe Podge...I changed his password to "qwertyuiop"
by Tom Wingham October 28, 2004

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