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Known for the Arkansas River, Brookside, Utica Square, Woodland Hills, Riverwalk and surrounding suburbs... Known for the Drillers, Oilers, Golden Hurricane, and Golden Eagles sports teams. Tulsa University and Oral Roberts U. Bells and Big Splash. A nice, inexpensive, safe place to live and grow up with rolling hills and trees abounding. Good suburban schools and bad city schools, mostly. The nicest place in Oklahoma and anywhere in between St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, and Denver. Jenks and Union Sports Rivalry. Historically involved with oil and gas industry. South Tulsa - rich. East and West - average. North - poor. Cold, dry, windy winters. Stormy, warm springs. Humid, hot summers. Beautiful, calm falls. Buckle of the Bible Belt. Faith movement. Strong Christian presence.
I'm sure glad that I live in Tulsa, instead of some lame hick town or in Oklahoma City.
I go to QT gas stations and watch the weather 24/7 in Tulsa.
by Tom Watson July 31, 2006

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