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1. Of or relating to the Clintonian philosophy.
2. A condition affecting statements. A Clintonian Statement typically skirts the issue or spins words.
1. That new book by Bill Clinton is very Clintonian indeed.
2. (A Clintonian Statement) "It depends upon what your definition of 'is' is." -Bill Clinton.
by Tom Warwick October 09, 2007
1. A popular black/ death metal band.
2. The mythical sun god of the babylonians.
3. A God from the Necronomicon (Lovecraft.)
1. "Marduk's 'Sex with Satan' RULEZ!!!"
2. "Marduk was routinely worshipped."
3. "Marduk slayed the dragon, and parted him in two, and formed the Earth and sky."
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007
1. Pubic hair.
2. Excessive pubic hair.
3. Pubic hair tailored and groomed to become a sort of long beard.
4. Sticky, cum-slathered pubic hair.
1. My dickbeard is gonna need a trim soon.
2. Damn your dickbeard is messy! Ever comb it?
3. My dickbeard is two feet long, beat that, idiot.
4. My girl had a dickbeard when I got done with her last week!
by Tom Warwick October 07, 2007
1. A popular band from the sixties to the eighties, sporting dozens of major hits, and a new sound. Sometimes considered the important first metal band ever.
2. The sabbath upon which sorcerers practice magic to the fullest extent, in cults.
magick, (also see 'Witches Sabbath', or 'Black Mass.')
music, (also see 'War Pigs', 'Electric Sleep', 'Electric Funeral', and 'Supernaut'.
1. "Iron Man is the best damn song ever... Black Sabbath Rules!"
2. "Hey, are you bringing the goat heads or the meathooks for the Black Sabbath ritual?"
2. (b) "Hey, did you see that the occultshop has a "Black Sabbath Bargian? 45% off all crystal skulls and grimoires!"
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007
The depositing of a diarheaic turd into a womans vagina, and subsequent act of sexing her OR the process of shaping a shit into a dilldoe shape, drying it and using it for the same purpose.
Chester performed poopsex on Little Sally when she needed to be punished.
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007
1. A person who uses necromancy to communicate with the dead.
2. A member of one or more cults for the same purpose.
3. A gothic teenager with necromantic tendencies.
4. A book supposedly written between 500 B.C and 1500 A.D and copied a dozen times, of which only one copy exists still, and is apparently in the Vatican Library. (Concerns Satanic Necromancy.)
1. "I use necromancy to talk to my dead nephew."
2. "Did you join the new necromancer guild in Stockholm?"
3. "She's so gothic... emo... almost a necromancer!"
4. "I'm going to use magic to flatten the Vatican and find the Necromancer."
by Tom Warwick October 04, 2007

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