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3 definitions by Tom W

fucking chillest guys on the planet, always ready to have a good time, love chilling with girls and 95% of cape cod guys love sports
BHS, CBA, Main Street, and all the parties
by Tom W May 06, 2005
121 56
Fast. NO idea where it comes from; I can't see shit moving too quickly off a stick, but there you go. I called Vin Diesel a big girl's blouse and then got out of there like shit off a stick...
by Tom W August 02, 2004
16 8
Owner and DJ of TheRealXFM online radio station. He is also a member of the Suprnova Forums. DJcrazymonkey may be he youngest computer builder ever, building his first PC at the age of 5.
DJcrazymonkey: Am I supposed to type something in here?
by Tom W July 28, 2004
3 0