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The forced induction of a person into the armed forces. In the USA, this typically applies only to healthy young heterosexual males with low lottery numbers, non-exempt religions & poor political connections. Proponents of the draft cite advantages over a voluntary army: lower cost, ethnic diversity (but not gender), greater governmental reluctance to enter wars. These claims have yet to be documented however. Both Republicans & Democrats are split on this issue & will generally let public opinion guide them. Libertarians oppose the draft as mere time-share slavery, & lacking any of the claimed benefits.
The military draft appears to violate the US Constitution's prohibition against involuntary servitude.
by Tom Stockton December 12, 2006
The Democratic Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States. Both Democrats & Republicans have similar platforms favoring big government & high taxes. This is a result of competing for swing voters, a strategy so successful that third parties are largely unnoticed.
The difference between Democrats & Republicans is that the former pretends to like black folk & latter pretends to like free enterprise.
by Tom Stockton December 12, 2006
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