5 definitions by Tom Stallard

Ur bollocks need a good scratching!!! Or u have sumthing worng with them UUURGGH
ooooooooooooooooo Itchy Jaffas
by Tom Stallard February 19, 2003
A very easily to get woman who gets around a bit
OR and nice insult
Ummm.... one Miss Hayley T
by Tom Stallard February 20, 2003
A woman who is sexually pleased very often, as they both come every 10 minutes
she's a bit of a 94 bus, or there goes hayley
by Tom Stallard February 20, 2003
Hair that has beans init, beans must be thrown into said persons hair
Hayleys got so much bean hair she looks so stupid
by Tom Stallard February 22, 2003
The bit between ur legs women! otherwise known as a minge. UMMMM....... Tasty
The big wet mound between ur sticks
by Tom stallard February 19, 2003

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