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A low ranking official who follows their instructions and procedure to the letter. Often just to piss you off and to make them feel important.

Term derives from the jobsworth mantra "I can't let you do that, it's more than my job's worth".
I'm afraid that all orders must first be placed in writing with the appropriate department before being faxed in triplicate to the following numbers. Once all of the supporting documentation has been received we will then be able to instruct the pre-payment department to advance your application for purchase. etc etc
by Tom Sadler March 02, 2004
A classic British dish in which a layer of cooked beef mince and onions is topped with a creamy mashed potato layer and baked until golden brown. This goes very well server with carrots, peas and gravy.

The dish is very similar to Shepherds Pie, the difference being in the meat used. Cottage Pie uses beef and Shepherds Pie uses lamb.
You've got to love Cottage Pie
by Tom Sadler June 02, 2006

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