9 definitions by Tom Reeves

a punk rock band which are well worth worshipping. Not the greatest band ever but pretty darn great.
Billie Joe of Green Day can't sing live
Tomorrow will be a Green Day
by Tom Reeves June 14, 2003
a band which used to be my utmost favorite and who i have fond memories rocking out to when i was young. i used to be all into their new stuff (enema, toypaj) until i bought the old stuff which i personally believe is better. it's not fair to say 'they suck now' with the new 'blink-182' album, cause i mean you just can't really say that about a band because it's only your opinion, which doesn't matter to anyone, but if you care, i think that they were better when they were more punk, before 'enema of the state'. any interested newer fans should maybe give 'buddha' a go..
blink-182 give me fond memories, but i think my music taste has just moved on.
by Tom Reeves March 30, 2005
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