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A word used to describe how heavy or fast and extreme a metal band is i.e. Death Metal. Generally doesnt apply to any other kind of music apart from metal as it fits this genre best.
Basically it is used loosley to describe how good the band itself is.
Have you heard that new Vital Remains album?...

its fucking brutal.


You guys heard ofbrutalized mortality...?

aww yeah they're pretty brutal.
by Tom Patchett September 15, 2004
"Trophy fuck" is a saying used to describe when stupid bitches fuck someone just because they are famous or popular ... no other real reason... they could be ugly and horrible people, but aslong as they are famous and they can tell people about it later..then nothing else matters.
The famous celebrity was her trophy fuck for the week
by Tom Patchett September 12, 2004
A term used when something or someone has been mangled, mauled, maimed, killed, hurt badly, damaged or just plain fucked up somehow...brutally
The whore was brutalized because she deserved it
by Tom Patchett September 12, 2004

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