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A food made from mashed potato and minced meat, rolled into a ball with breadcrumbs on and deep fried.

Available from any chippy in South Wales, but largely unknown elsewhere.
Yeah I'll have a rissole and chips mate.
by Tom Long November 20, 2007
The aftermath of one too many jägerbombs.
You were off the chain last night man, downed like 9 jägerbombs, danced till you passed out in a pool of jägervom.
by Tom Long August 31, 2010
Derogatory. A mentally handicapped person, a retard.

Possibly derived from the name of Heol Goffa 'Special' School in Llanelli, South Wales, however its use has spread much further afield.

Its use can be accompanied by a special hand gesture and jib to emphasise the point:
The jib is accomplished by placing your tongue in front of your bottom teeth and pushing your bottom lip outwards, and crossing your eyes.
The hand gesture consists simply of slapping the back of one limp hand with the other.
Person 1: Shit, I just locked my keys in the car.
Person 2: Hur hur, you goffa! *pulls face and slaps hand*
by Tom Long November 20, 2007
Drunk, disorderly and retired.

A binge-drinking pensioner, with a generous pension cheque and too much free time, drinking quantities of alcohol that would frighten even the most hardened of teenage yobs.
I went to lunch with my grandparents, and I swear they were both completely pissed! What a pair of Saga louts.
by Tom Long June 16, 2010
v. Technical skills or know-how, see also The Knack.
Pronounced to rhyme with mouse.

Possibly from the Welsh word meaning quality.
You could take it back to the shop, or if you've got the naws there's a way to fix it yourself with a bent paperclip.
by Tom Long August 19, 2010
Similar to *facepalm*, except with the of the complete works of Charles Dickens, smashed into your own face.
Dubya: You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.

Dude with a brain cell: *Facebook*
by Tom Long March 14, 2008
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