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Ass Cheese is residual fecal matter spread thinly between the buddocks, and around the anus, as the result of inadequate ass wiping. Ass Cheese results in an uncomfortable condition called 'sour ass', whereby the victim of this condition suffers from a constant sweaty itch, which is usually resolved by digging their hand into the buddock crack from the outside of the clothing, thus essentially wiping their ass with their underwear. Results in "skidmarks" on the underwear.
I thought I had wiped more than enough, and returned to my desk at work. Later in the day, I realized that there was ass cheese remaining, and had to scratch the itch from the sour ass it gave me. Now my fingers reek of ass.
by Tom Haranger September 25, 2007
Sour ass is an uncomfortable condition caused by ass cheese, which is typically the result of inadequate ass wiping. As ass cheese is left unattended for some period of time, it mixes with sweat and heat, and begins to cause irritation and itching, between the buttocks and around the anus. This irritation is referred to as 'sour ass' and is exacerbated by warm climate conditions. It is a highly uncomfortable condition which is resolved temporarily by wiping the ass with wet tissue or baby wipes. However, in order to fully resolve the condition, a shower must be taken, along with a change of under-bottoms.
Chip thought he had wiped his ass enough, and returned back to work doing carpentry. As the hot 98 degree day progressed, he realized that he did not wipe adequately, and ass cheese began to accumulate around his anus and between his buttocks, causing a severe case of Sour Ass. He tried to resolve the condition by digging his hand into his ass, essentially wiping with his underwear. However, the foul smell was detectable even in the outdoors, and he had to return home to take a full shower and change his underwear, which now contained long brown skid-marks.
by Tom Haranger October 31, 2007
Skidmarks, are linear shaped stains of fecal residue on the underwear, resulting from temporary efforts to resolve *Sour Ass (look up definition).
Chip had a bad case of Sour Ass, and tried to resolve the condition by digging his hand into his anus from outside of the clothing. When he got home and changed his clothes, he noticed skidmarks on his underwear, in addition to an odor of ass emitting from his fingers.
by Tom Haranger October 31, 2007

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