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A jiffy is a unit of time: 0.0000000000033357 seconds or (3.3357x10^-11) or (3.3357 times 10 to the power of minus 11).

So named for the length it takes to travel a centimetre in a vaccum.
"I will be back in a jiffy!!"
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
Entertainments consisting of readings, with music, &c. the price of admission being a penny. they commenced in 1859, and were formerly common, but are now less heard of.
Shall we go the the penny-readings today
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
One who uses or drives an automobile; (c.1900).
"Are you an automobilist?"
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
A child's toy, made of the larger bone of a pig's foot and two worsted strings, and worked so as to give a snoring sound.
I used to play with my sneerag, back in the day.
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
1. Decoration

2. A public holiday occuring generall towards the end of May, and set apart for the decoration of the graves of those who fell in the American Civil War.
1. What beautiful ornature that is displayed.

2. Ornature this year will be the best time to remember those who died in the civil war
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
A person born on Whit Sunday (the seventh sunday after easter), generally considered to be unlucky and fated to slay or be slain...or both; from cingcis, Pentecost.
(i don't know these people, they are just names to express the example for Kingkisheen)

Bob was born on Whit Sunday does that mean that he is a Kingkisheen.
Why yes sir it does.
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006
Retirement is viewed as "a time of happiness" by 82% of people in Britain - much higher than the global average.
I think that i will really enjoy my retirement
by Tom Elgie June 16, 2006

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