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a misspelling of SCABROUS, an actual word that means rough, difficult or scandalous.
So I could include a scabarous example involving diarrhea, I wrote a made-up definition of a misspelled word.
by Tom Deering September 19, 2006
A "Brody" is a miraculous maneuver or stunt.

This comes from "Steve Brody", the first man to survive the 135 foot jump from the Brooklyn Bridge. In 1885, right after the Brooklyn Bridge was built, Brody bragged he could survive the fall, and did. His amazing survival caused a media sensation, and the phrase "pull a Brody" has been used since then. (Only four people have *ever* survived the 135 foot drop, which is equivalent to jumping from the top of a fourteen story building.)

In 1885, Steve Brody owned a saloon. Parts of Brody's saloon still survive today in New York's Empire Room, which is fitted with mahogany panels and gold leaf plaster impressions recovered from Steve Brody's Saloon.

The miraculous 1885 survival of Brody made him very famous. From that time to this, New Yorkers have talked about "pulling a Brody" or "taking a Brody", referring to Brody's miracle jump and survival.

In 120 years, obviously, some people have forgotten where "pull a brody" came from. Do some research on Steve Brody and you will see this is the actual origin of the phrase.
I dropped into first gear and pulled a brody.
Yesterday, I pulled a brody on the high dive.
He escaped out onto the roof, pulled a brody, and was gone.
by Tom Deering November 19, 2006

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