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The study, or more realistically a keen interest in things the person feels are awesome.
"This weekend we did some awesometry."
by Tom Curtis June 10, 2005
1. A very attractive female you wish to have sex with.

2. Something you are impressed by.
"Man, that chick is Grade A Roddable."

"Ah yeah, that song is somewhat roddable."
by Tom Curtis June 10, 2005
For lazy people who don't quite have the energy to say two words. Used as an exclamation as if to say "That is far too much effort."

Originates from the word effort, and teh.
"Go and bring the washing in."

by Tom Curtis July 31, 2005
A pre-modifier to exagerate something, similar to the word "very."
"This is doctor boring."
by Tom Curtis June 10, 2005
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