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Insult, a northern England or Derby version of your mum or yo momma
As in "What were you doing last night?", "YER MAM!"
by Tom Chambers October 14, 2004
Meaning can usually be determined by the user, generally used as an insult by the inventive

Can also be used to describe a hamper full of latex vaginas
He's such a twatbasket

We're going on picnic, did you bring the twatbasket?
by Tom Chambers January 17, 2004
1. One who shows a great deal of idiocy

2. To be suffering from incontinence
1. You fucking shitnik, you sat on my hamster!

2. Oh, I appear to be suffering from a case of the shitniks
by Tom Chambers January 17, 2004
Comes from Madness Temple, to mean a complete tit with no redeeming qualities. A user once accidentaly named himself this and was shamed forever more.
Pah, look at that idiot. Hes such a chimneysweep.
by Tom Chambers November 13, 2004
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