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bum face;

n. chiefly british slang, derogatory

1. one who has a face that has a similar appearance to the buttocks

2. one who is of such an annoying temperament that they are worthy of being compared to someone with a bum for a face

3. Someone with a bum for a face. And perhaps a face for a bum, although this is uncommon.
"Oh my god, you are such a bum face".

"Good golly, you're talking so much poo right now, one might call you a bum face"
by Tom Bromley January 04, 2004

n. chiefly British slang,

1. an onomatopoeic word for an airy release of gas from the sphincter that creates the sound 'wuffffff'. Very often has a more potent smell than other variations of anal gas, perhaps due to the presence of an imminent poo poo.

Derives from onomatopoeic development of the word guff.

adj. wuffy
"whoah man, that was one helluva wuff"

"That fart was so wuffy, i think i'm going to cry"
by Tom Bromley January 04, 2004

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