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The Gods, indeed. Every album is GENIUS. Especially the first four.
Some metal *d00d* - Hey, don't ya think KoRn are da best, innit!
Opeth fan - No. Be quiet, cockmonkey. Opeth ownz j00 b0'/0
Ok, first off, Opeth are Swedish, not Norwegian. Secondly, they did a cover of Iron Maiden's 'Remember Tomorrow', not 'Running Free', and thirdly, you're all stupid. kthxbye.
Ok, let's get something clear here. Cradle of Filth are NOT black metal. They're symphonic, watered down metal with black metal elements, nothing more. Real black metal is Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Mayhem, old Emperor.

Like Rammstein.
by Tom (I'm such a little trooper.) October 24, 2003
Where Adalon keeps the kiddies.
Kid 1: Excuse me Mr Adalon, where is that lollipop you promised?!
Adalon: Just down these stairs....
by Tom (I'm such a little trooper.) December 07, 2003
He's in love with me, apparently. Can't afford me though.
Ditchill: I'm in love with Tom.
Everyone: Yeah, we know, ya little ferret.
by Tom (I'm such a little trooper.) February 03, 2004
You call yourself 'Suckie Gobbler' and expect us to take you seriously? Bahar.
by Tom (I'm such a little trooper.) October 24, 2003
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