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1. A Christian
2. Christians, collectively

Origin: Ancient Romans discovered that Christians make very entertaining meals for jungle cats, typically a lion. To this day, it's still the best thing to do with someone that believes that the allegedly historical figure Jesus Christ is the son of the alleged God.
1. I don't go to church because I'm not lion food.

2. Lion food has too much influence in American politics.
by Tom Cerveaux February 18, 2010
1. Something hopelessly beyond salvation. All your base are belong to someone else, and they have the deeds to all your base in a very firm grip. fubar.

2. Something terribly dissapointing. Worse than Rocky V. Worse than any Dolph Lundgren movie.

3. Any hypothetical or imaginary scapegoat for a problem. A not yet realized obstacle. In a situation where the negative effects of an unknown cause are being experienced, the unknown cause.

4. A terrible anime of the same name. The inspiration for all of these definitions. Worth watching.
1. No wonder your previous landlord billed you a G on top of the deposit he kept. I saw that place when you guys moved out, you vacated a Doomed Megalopolis, not an apartment.

2. In spite of the great things I heard about the first death scene in "Suspiria", that films' status as a Doomed Megalopolis is concrete in my book.

3. If someone hadn't told me about the strike, I would have guessed from the look of things that a fatal error had ocurred in our landfill's Doomed Megalopolis.

4. Even though its horrible, in its own way, the movie Doomed Megalopolis has something to teach us all.
by Tom Cerveaux July 14, 2005
1. A tool specifically for pwning. Note: Rhymes with pwns0rd.
2. Anything that automatically overpowers everything else, with the obvious exception of a door-hinge.
3. The penultimate rhyming word. From a rap song where "bone" is rhymed with "sword". If bone rhymes with sword, then, with their powers combined...what can't they rhyme with? Second only to door-hinge.
1. Woot! Fuckin pwns0rd with a fucking bonesword!
2. My recent practice has given me the bonesword I've needed to teach you fools a lesson.
3. (This rhymes)
Sharp, like the edge of a bonesword,
My mother likes the juice of orange,
As we find food, we forage,
A squeak, a noise, from the doorhinge,
Like a cut from a vicious bonesword.
by Tom Cerveaux July 14, 2005
1. Extreme 1337 slang for past tense of pwn.

2. Something one uses to pwn another. A sword for pwning.
1. Hello, you've been pwns0rd.

2. Pale before the naked edge of my gleaming pwns0rd!
by Tom Cerveaux July 14, 2005
Combining the 'bad is good' essence of slang term nasty with the undeniable allure of pizza. As nasty as pizza. Anything enjoyable in the extreme. Also: Chunky.
Shit, dawg. You filthy with that yo-yo. I seen them tricks you doin', dawg, and that shit is tight, I mean, chunky fo reals. Straight pizza nasty. HELLA pizza nasty!
by Tom Cerveaux July 14, 2005

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