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One whom has derived excitement, or pleasure (whether it be sexual or not) from pain, delivered on by themself, or by another individual. Antonym: Sadist
I myself am a Masochist. I constantly ask my friends to stab me with sticks...they unfortunately refuse.
by Tolomer December 06, 2008
Granpda Rome is a character in the popular online manga, 'Axis Powers: Hetalia!' He

shows up 3 times throughout the show thus far. Once, in the very beginning,

being described as a hero and a legend. Again, for the same purpose later on. He

finally gets some character development, in 'Axis Powers: Hetalia!' season 2,

episode 31, when he shows up inside of Germany's ,(Ludwig's), house in search of

one of his grandchildren, Northern Italy (Feliciano Vargas). He is shown as a

goofy, hungry, fun-loving ladies man, with nothing better to do... Grandpa Rome is

everybody's grandpa, along with his counterpart Germania!

Other Info:
Age(by appearance): 30-ish
Name: Unknown
D.O.B: 509 B.C.
Death: 476 A.D.
"Ah! You must be quite the ignorant person, not to notice because of my

god-like-body, and steel-like-strength, that I am none other than the great

Roman Empire! >:D"

"509 B.C., You banished The King of Etruria and became a Republic....the Roman


"Ah ha! I am Grandpa Rome!"=
by Tolomer September 08, 2009
Nyssa is a rare female name. Many variations of the name exist, including Nisa, Niisa, Anyssa, and Nys.

Nowadays. Nyssa has become much more. Nyssa is now used to describe (often in all capitals "NYSSA") any sort of person that you feel needs to be knocked down a rung or two, jokingly or not.

Most commonly used jokingly between friends, such as "YOU'RE SUCH A NYSSA, LOL" on chat sites. It has become a recent small internet "meme" and even has its own facebook group.
by Tolomer August 13, 2010
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