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3 definitions by Tolis

Famous pornstar at Greece of 70's...He was known for his dialogs with his women...
Tis psolis mou to kefali to' piase ponokefali, ta xeilakia sou loipon, pio kala ki apo depon!!!
by Tolis May 18, 2004
or aderfi. It actually means sister in Greek but it is a softer way to describe a gay person, instead of using poustis which is more serious as an insult.
Ekinos pou vlepis eki ine adelfi (the guy you see there is gay).
by Tolis March 09, 2005
Beshka means dick in Aromanian (Vlach) in the Pindus region dialect. Might be different from place to place.
Tini ari beshka mare (You got a big dick)!
by Tolis March 09, 2005