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A Filipino is a person that can easily be mistaken as a hispanic. They are from asia in a group of islands called the Phillippines. They can be, and are ussually called an "oriental asian" or a "pacific islander".

Most Filipino's have a darker skin tone, flat nose, have a mustache, and smart. They love their rice and eat rice with every meal. Most Filipino's are short, and the Filipino parents are very strict and yell alot. They have wierd last names. Most Filipino's are also religous. They are ussualy Christian. Alot of Filipino's try to act gangster while the rest just dont fall under a stereotype.

Filipino's in america are strongly bonded together. They help each other out and are very friendly to each other. They are ussually part of the middle class. While Filipino's in the Phillippines are either poor or rich. They are still friendly to each other and help one another but the goverment is corrupt and the economy is horrible.
White Guy: Are you mexican?
Pinoy: no, im F#%$ing Filipino.
White Guy: oh.....

Im Filipino ;D
by Tolentino October 08, 2006

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