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The town of West Warwick is found dead center of Rhode Island, east of Coventry, south of Cranston. In the town of West Warwick you have wiggers, niggers, wannabees, and potheads; but mostly potheads. Everyone smokes weed, if they don't right now, they will. Everyone knows someone, and someone knows just about everyone. Couple snitches, but nothing to worry about.

About every other block has some kind of "low income housing", such as The Elms or Echo Valley, where most of the crackheads and low lives live and most likely die. Cops frequent these housing complexes on an average of 10 times a day. On the positive side, I've never heard any gun shots and I've been living here for 23 years.

The cops are corrupt, they smoke as much weed as the rest of us. They love to bust your balls about anything and everything. It's all about the quota.

In West Warwick, you can find pretty much everything; douchebags, fat bitches, drugs, dumbasses, and the occasional richy bitch.
It takes 5 West Warwick cops, 2 Warwick cops, 2 W.W. bike cops, and 2 Coventry cops to pull over a car full of teenagers that obviously pulled a "kidnapping" prank.
by Token Stoner December 03, 2008

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