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To pepper grind: The act of removing the top toilet lid and defecating in it. This act is finalized when the next occupant flushes to only realize the faeces of the last occupant has re-flushed back into the bowl, hence pepper grinding

Note: The use of a nearby toilet brush to break the faeces into smaller pieces amplifies the pepper grind effect and will greater startle the next occupant.
"I just pepper ground that mofo. That'll tech him for eating all my strawberry's!"

"don't use that toilet jess, i just pepper-ground in there hoping steve will fall victim"

"don't come in! i'm pepper grinding!"

"can't wait to go to my step dads house, i am going pepper-grind that prick for running over my soccer ball with his lawn mower"
by Toilet-Trend-Setters October 18, 2009
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