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1. Noun The most moderate person alive. Moderately fast, tall, attractive and smart. Has the largest non-celebrity fanclub in existance.

2. Verb The act of divorcing somebody as soon as legally possible.

3. Adjective Extremely attractive.
1. Gabe went to the lunchroom and half the people there noticed him.

2. So when John got all the money he could off Susan, he Gabed and ran off.

3. And so when the tall, Gabe, handsome Jack stodd up, the lady knew that he was the one.
by Tofurky December 14, 2004
A word used when there is nothing else to say, created from a jumbled combination of letters.
1) "You're the one writing it." "Hyargh".
2) "I can't believe you sometimes." "Hyargh"
by Tofurky June 01, 2004

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