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2 definitions by TofuGirl

Like the poverty pimps who pimped the poor for their own enrichment through bogus social programs, diversity pimps are high priced consultants who make money from foundations and governnment for conducting pointless "diversity audits" or research on diversity, presenting "diversity training" . . . using up any money that might actually have gone towards helping communities of color or other identified populations.
An example of a diversity pimp is a consultant who conducts "diversity audits" for companies, foundations or universities, or a diversity consultant who facilitates "diversity conversations" or does diversity training.
by TofuGirl January 23, 2010
Political and social action through activities such as signing Internet petitions, clicking on "click to give" sites such as The Hunger Site, posting the color of your bra on Facebook as a way to raise awareness of breast cancer. Arguably either pointless and self-indulgent or tech-savvy, next gen activism.
Two typical examples of mouse-click activism: The Hunger Site, where advertisers agree to contribute funds towards food relief based on the number of clicks per day on the site. Each visitor can be counted for only one click per day. Results are reported each day in number of cups of food for which funds were raised by clicks that day. An example of an Internet petition is one started in Shropshire, UK to protest road tolls, which obtained more than 1 million sign-ons.
by TofuGirl January 23, 2010