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i have no fucking clue dude... i was hoping you could tell me.
Toekzy: what does that shit mean

Selavan: dude you don't know what Jinzies mean? How the fuck do you not know what Jinzies mean? Have you been living under a rock?
by Toekzy McVeigh December 15, 2004
Number 1.
Number-Fucking One!
There will be fucking murders!
by Toekzy McVeigh December 21, 2004
to be violated in the worst of ways.
Don't ChukoLalat Me! Please, please god anything but that!
by Toekzy McVeigh December 15, 2004
one who smokes only Marijuana and nothing else, none of those othe drugs, fuck that shit, that shit is bad for you
Q:want some crack, get you high?

A: nah man, i'm strictly vegetarian
by Toekzy McVeigh December 15, 2004
One who drinks coffee, plays the guitar, and smokes cigarettes...
Oh shit, its Jimping. whats up man?
by Toekzy McVeigh December 15, 2004

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