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The art of Feet Fisting, one inserts how many toes you dare into a females vagina or anus, the amount of toes used (go for the big toe first) defines how many toes deep you go
Last night I went toe deep into Mavis, kinky bitch loved it.

Yeah, how many

Three Toes Deep, SHAMONE!
by Toe Man April 25, 2007
The aftermath of a night out on the beers, where you don't so much have a dump but it's more of a stream of liqui-shit.
John: How'd last night go?

Tito: Brilliant night, drank far too much, got a real bad case of the Beer Drops today, been pissing out of my ass
by Toe Man May 14, 2007
When a male receives head from either sex finding the right safe moment (when you can be sure no teeth are involved) to issue two black eyes with a swift but effective double fist making the cock sucker look like a panda
I was getting a gobble from Audrey last night and the moment caught me so I gave her a panda! BOOM
by Toe Man April 25, 2007

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