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Someone that is hot, single and sober.
Check her out... she is soberlicious.
by Toddsterx February 07, 2008
Combination of the words Sober and Serenity. In recovery, one can become sober and as a result are given the unexpected gift of serenity. Soberenity is the peaceful feeling of being serene of on oneself, others, your surroundings and life in general after becoming sober. Sober and Serenity are both key aspects of 12 step recovery programs.
I need to make regular meetings to keep my soberenity.
by Toddsterx April 11, 2008
An individual living life clean and sober.

I'm a soberado living life one day at a time.
by Toddsterx April 12, 2008
The quality of being sober.
I need to make a meeting. My soberocity needs a recharge.
by Toddsterx April 12, 2008

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