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Noun. Your gay neighbor. See also,gaybor.
Boy: Hey, I want to have a party.

Friend of Boy: Do you think your hot geighbor will come?

Boy: Yeah, the gays love parties!
by Todd Williams October 21, 2007
Noun or Adjective. Beyond crazy; could be good or bad.
Girl: She done lost her mind.

Friend of Girl: Thats right, she is a crazeye.
by Todd Williams October 21, 2007
The time of your parents life when they believe you should start taking things that you want out of their house before they are dead.
Todd, you need to start preparing for the "Shuffle".
by Todd Williams December 20, 2011
(Craz-Eye). Noun. Beyond crazy and out of your mind.
Look, when you get behind the wheel, you are a total crazeye.
by Todd Williams November 03, 2007

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