4 definitions by Todd Vaughn

a small child-like arm on an adult; a greeting or departure of used by P1's
man1: later dude

man2: alright, babyarm
by Todd Vaughn October 15, 2003
Tough Shit.
man1: Dude, I just broke my leg. I can't make it.

man2: TS
by Todd Vaughn December 24, 2003
To turn a insult back on the person who says it.
man1: Dude, your a moron!

man2: Flip it!(No, your the moron!)
by Todd Vaughn December 18, 2003
Better you than me.
man1: Dude, I'm shot!

man2: Geez.
by Todd Vaughn December 18, 2003

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