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4 definitions by Todd Paquin

An occupation: Any person from Massachusetts, typically, that harvests clams at low tide in the clam laden inlets.
An article of clothing: Pants that are worn by those digging clams. They are cut off 6 inches below the knee and resemble "High Waters" but have no apparent cuff or taper.
1: It's low tide, let's take a ride by the inlet and see if the Clam Diggers are out.
2: Dude, why the fuck are you wearing Clam Diggers? We're goin to pick up the ladies, not the beach.
by Todd Paquin March 01, 2008
Norsk: The Lynx's foot, or foot of the Lynx. Was the name of a single island in the Vesterålen region of Norway. It is now the name of the entire island chain. Lofoten wall is one of the most striking views of the area.
Lofoten Wall is incredible! A sheer cliff rising from the harbour to the sky.
by Todd Paquin March 01, 2008
Noun: A Trojan type computer virus. Usually spyware or malware related. Dangerous to operating systems and security. Delete or quarantine immediatley.
My antivirus sofware detected a zlob virus in my computer files, I deleted it right away.
by Todd Paquin February 29, 2008
Any member of a camping trip: Usually a male that takes part in ultra-redneck activities and remains drunk for the entire duration of the trip. These outings are generally short, 3 days at the most.
Did you see that fuckin Jagged Ape with the lawn tractor in the next camsite?
Ya, he was all shitfaced and drove it into the lake this morning.
by Todd Paquin February 29, 2008