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A sexual act in which a man takes a hot, steamy shit betweens a girls tits while shes laying on her back, and then proceeds to squeeze her tits together and titty fuck her, giving the illusion that her tits are the bun, the shit is chili and his dick is a hot dog.

Please note: you do not need to be in or from Manhattan to make this act work.
LIONEL: Yo!! homie, what happen with you and that skeezer from the other night?

RYAN: SSShit, playa...that freaky bitch was such a hoe, she begged me to squat on top of her and give her a Manhattan Chili Dog.

LIONEL: Did you give her what she wanted?

RYAN: You know i did, nigga
by Todd Lee October 24, 2005
#1: To fool someone.

#2: To pull the "wool over someones eyes"

#3: To be sneaky under-handedly
Chad: Hey Todd, don't forget we need to leave early
because we still need to pick Ryan up for that
Nirvana Documentary downtown.

Todd: Oh shit, i almost forgot.


Todd: Dude, i just went to Ryans house and his
parents said he just left and he isn't answering his cell phone.

Chad: That bastard pulled a SNEAKY WEASEL on us
and took off.

by Todd Lee November 03, 2005
1. The act of being skeaky to fool someone.

2. To pull the "wool over someones eyes" in a sneaky way.
Todd: Hey Chad, we gotta leave early because we still need to pick Ryan up for the Nirvana documentary at the movie theatre.

Chad: Dude, i just called ryan and he didn't answer his cell phone and when i went to his house, the lights were out and he wasn't there, and his father said he left a few minutes ago, that son of a bitch pulled a SNEAKY WEASEL on us.
by Todd Lee October 28, 2005

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