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In reference to an anus or vagina that has had so much semen deposited in it that it would seem to be the worlds dumping ground for sperm.
That guy has had so many cocks in his ass, he's such a dirty cum receptacle
by Todd Higgins November 10, 2006
Generally related to an obese man. The folds of fat that press together in his pubic area from his legs and gut to conceal his penis and make him look like he has a vagina. A derivative of pudgy (fat) and vagina.
Its a freakin hot day and I'm so sweaty. Imagine how sweaty that fat guy's pudgina is
by Todd Higgins November 09, 2006
Referring to an ass hole that seems to have its own massive gravitational pullthat it seems to swallow cocks and numerous other objects that enter its sphere of gravitational influence.
God will you look at that black hole, its gonna swallow that guy's cock and probably several others, tonight alone.
by Todd Higgins November 10, 2006

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