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10 definitions by Todd Everboat

Great Cheap beer found in the midwest, specifically Chicago.
Old Style is my favorite domestic beer!
by Todd Everboat November 02, 2006
77 9
License plate number on the notorious Bluesmobile from the Great Movie THE BLUES BROTHERS.
BDR529 is the most badass plate number you can have.
by Todd Everboat August 23, 2007
54 2
A very kickass Brit-rock band outta the UK. known not by many americans because they aren't played on MTV enough.
"Supergrass is a fine, fine concert to see. Indeed"
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
66 20
Aviator glasses like those worn by Walter Sobhak in "The Big Lewbowski."
"get me my sunglasses."
"which ones?"
"The fuckin Sobchaks, whatelse?"
by Todd Everboat October 19, 2006
40 17
A Miller High Life with a slice of lime
What kind of beer you want?
Lets get some Hammond Coronas.
by Todd Everboat November 01, 2006
22 7
Another meaning for a mans testicles, balls, nuts, plum bags, family jewels, minerals,
"I called the woman a bitch and she kicked me in the gary numans."
by Todd Everboat August 18, 2007
16 7
A bunch of mamby pamby spoon-fed fuckin fruitcakes that most people wanna kick in the back of the neck.
When shopping at the mall all i saw was a bunch of fuckin emasculated suburban emo kids talking on thier cell phones.
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
130 123