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2 definitions by Todd Bennison

when a person shaves off there own genital hair and glues it to a person chin (trying to resemble abrahams beard) using semen.
Samantha: whats all this hair on my face.
Bob: You got Abraham Linconed Bitch
Samantha: Ill fucking kill you.
by Todd Bennison October 09, 2006
a blunt or joint that is completely jacked up. Either to loose, soaked in spit or runs like a african being chased by a tiger, thats a snyder.
Sheuy: yo this blunt is soaking in spit and the nugs are falling out its so loose. You rolled a straight snyder.

Matt: im sorry dude, i cant roll for shit.

Shuey: you shoulda let Ethan roll it
by Todd Bennison October 09, 2006