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What people who have been around awhile still call Google's newsgroup search engine.
Ronald: I'm interested in finding out what people thought about diaper rash creams in 1994.

Bearded guy in Star Wars shirt: Look on Dejanews.
by Today's Purple Pill July 28, 2003

A simple answer. Also: an question that contains it's own answer.

Comes from the board game Trivial Pursuit. One version had these questions (paraphrased):

What do you get when you cross a kumquat and a lime?

What two fruits does a limequat come from?
Family friend: OK this question is to win the game..."What famous baseball player shares his name with a candy bar?"

Rest of family: "LIMEQUAT!!!!!!!!! Pick another question!!!"
by Today's Purple Pill July 28, 2003

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