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The second part of a rhyming couplet, usually begun with an innocuous statement ending with a word that rhymes with Beale, and finished by another party. If deemed acceptable by other individuals in a social situation, the recipient must buy the finisher a drink. NOTE: Only words that rhyme exactly with Beale are accepted. Words like deals, wheels, shield or any variant that doesn't rhyme with Beale result in mockery & derision.
Mike: "Went out with the family on saturday night."
Tod: "Oh yeah, anywhere nice?"
Mike: "Nah, just out for a meal."
Tod: "Ian Beale!"
Mike: "Bastard!"
by Tod316uk March 29, 2008
Verb; For a gentleman, engaging in a vigorous act of self-love.
Bob: "Girlfriend round tonight mate?"

Trevor: "Nah, bruv...she's up on blocks. I think I'll be Trying To Get The Sky Pregnant for the next few days."

Bob: "Tough break, mate...I know how you feel."

Trevor: "Ian Beale!"

Both: "'Eeeeey!"
by Tod316UK February 22, 2011
The outcome of giving a sexual partner too vigorous an anal fisting, resulting in a hand covered in unpleasant fecal matter that resembles a melted Toblerone over ones' fist & lower arm.
Bill: "Went a bit mad on the fisting last night..."
Ben: "Really? What happened?"
Bill: "Went in too deep, ended up wearing the Toblerone Gauntlet."
Ben: "Dude, that's sick!"
Bill: "Yeah. That's what your mom said."
by Tod316uk August 12, 2008
The measurement of a Swedish Eurovision-winning band's hand joints.
"We were fitting the band for new shirts, but they didn't fit properly on the arms because we didn't know the Aberystwyth."
by Tod316uk June 28, 2009
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