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n. (1) sub-standard merchandise, (2) a movie that is so bad it shoots right past "so bad it's good" and becomes just plain bad

(ant. so bad it's good)
Ted: I thought Joe Dallesandro rocked it in "Garden of Death"!

Bill: Are you $#!&&*^ me, dude? That film was a B-grade stinker!
by Tobit September 10, 2012
n. a hasty divorce, separation

(see laslechtomize)
Stu woke up in Vegas with a splitting headache and in serious need of a laslechtomy.
by Tobit September 04, 2012
n. a long coffee break
Mr. Dithers: Woodley! Where on earth is Bumstead?
Woodley: On another one of his lagiattes, sir.
by Tobit September 03, 2012
n. (1) an engineer who designs halls of mirrors, fun-houses and similar self-propelled carnival attractions; (2) a deceiver

adj. (1)deceptive; (2) fake
The scoliaptrician adjusted the mirrors to enhance the visual effect of an endless hallway.

Brenda: Hey, girl, I heard you laslechtomized with Jimmy!

Wanda: You got that, right. Player was totally scoliaptrician.
by Tobit September 03, 2012
n. an overwhelming travel itinerary, involving an excessive amounts of touring in obscure locations
Clark Griswold is noted for having perfected the maniatryptic by squeezing no fewer than fourteen tourist stops into a one-week driving vacation.
by Tobit September 03, 2012
n. an inferior or "B" grade film, a real stinker
There is speculation that John Carter may be the first great ronoflague of the Twenty first Century, joining historical twentieth century low notes such as Plan Nine from Outer Space and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
by Tobit September 03, 2012
v.t. to break oneself off from an ill-advised affair
Discovering Jessica to be a total head case, Nick made to laslechtomize himself as quickly as possible.
by Tobit September 03, 2012
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