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toast is used when a guy says sweet,nice things to a girl
Dont mind him his just trying to toast me
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007
used to replace fuck to avoid foul language also spelt huck
huch u
shut up u muh'hucher
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007
N.F.A Meaning no future ambition, is tha term used to someone who seems to have a dream oor future.
From morning till night this guy just likes playing games,i think he is an N.F.A
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007
runs is the word used when a guy wants to talk to a girl intimately-saying sweet things to the girl.
hey look at that girl man, i wanna go and runs her
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007

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